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Managing Special Conditions

Our programmes help improve the quality of life for people with special needs, including ADHD, ASD and dyslexia patients.

Enhance Your Learning & Focus

Our programmes are able to target poor comprehension and vocabulary, difficulties in focusing and more.

Who we are and What we do

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Neurofeedback is a safe and non-invasive technique to exercise the brain. It is used as an intervention to help manage a variety of mental conditions as well as to improve mental performance. At Spectrum Learning, we customise training protocols according to clients’ brainwave profile and needs. This results in more effective outcomes including better focus, improved emotional regulation and clearer thinking.

Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping or Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) is a procedure that records neural activities of the brain from at least 19 locations on the scalp. Very similar to the Electrocardiogram or EKG, which measures activities of the heart at the surface of the chest, QEEG measures activities of neurons or brain cells at the surface of the scalp simultaneously from at least 19 locations to give a comprehensive overview of your brain activity.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

At Spectrum Learning, we believe biological factors such as bodily nutrition can significantly affect brain activity and health. Hair analysis is a scientific test which measures the mineral ontent in your hair that reflects information about you and your body. We offer sample collection, analysis, and consultation on nutritional adjustments according to hair analysis reports.

Home Training

Spectrum Learning’s DIY Home Training workshop will enable you to carry out neurofeedback for yourself or your child in the comfort of your home. It is cost effective and affordable, and allows you access to daily training for more intensive neurofeedback.