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Stacey Henderson is trained and certified as a neurofeedback therapist. With a background in biomedical sciences and a bachelor degree in Psychology, she has a keen interest of how brain function controls the mind, its thoughts as well as its bodily systems and physical conditions. Her interest in neuropsychology and the brain has led her to explore this new facet of brain training.

She has also had much experience with leadership roles coaching children of young ages in gymnastics and is familiar working with children with special needs and learning difficulties, such as ADHD and Autism.

She has a passion for teaching children, education, fitness and working with people to improve overall quality of life through alternative methods and treatments.

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Stacey Henderson

Trained and certified as a Neuro Therapist under Spectrum Learning, I have been working in this field over a year now. I have a background in Biomedical Sciences, and continued to do a bachelor degree in Psychology. My keen interest of how the brain controls the mind and its bodily functions/ systems and physical condition has lead me to explore Neuropsychology and this new facet of brain training.

As a child I was shy, verging on socially awkward. I was the kid in the centre of the class with my head down hoping not to be called on. I had a close group of friends but never sought out for interaction. Thrown into the deep end at secondary school I was in the drama club. Not a place I wanted to be, but a place I knew I had to be to grow. From there I learnt confidence, how to be adventurous and actually enjoyed acting.

Still a nerd at heart, my passion was in science, particularly the brain, and studying and observing people. I volunteered for various service learning expeditions and one of them took me to Thailand. At this orphanage we helped to fix up a little and teach the children living there some basic English, I grew to love working with children. There’s something about watching them grow and learn skills they you helped develop that makes this type of work worth it.

It takes a lot of patience and dedication, two characteristics I am proud to say I have. But even then, you just get those days of frustration where you feel you are unable to breakthrough. Being introduced to the cognitive side of psychology and the science of brain function is like unlocking those frustrations. I feel like I am making a difference from the inside and have been completely fascinated at the things you can do and who you can help.

I plan to further my career in this emerging field of psychology and hope to make a difference working with every person I get to interact with now.