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Intervention Programs

Mind-Brain intervention

Essentially, our brain is the command center for our thinking, learning, language, behavior and emotions. Problems associate with the brain should have a truly brain centric component.

At Spectrum Learning, we actually look into your brain using Brain Mapping or QEEG to see what is going on and why one is having problems. QEEG is the safest and truly non-invasive way to look into our brains to see what is going on.

In a QEEG analysis, the client’s brain waves are measured and analyzed. This reveals a lot of information about what is going on inside the head, such as how one is using his/her brain to solve a mathematics problem. We often discover abnormal brain wave patterns which can explain why clients are facing problems. We often discover “mini-seizures” which are impossible to detect with the naked eyes in our clients.

Spectrum Learning is the first to apply this advanced technology to help guide our intervention. No one else in this region does this. We find that it is quite ironical that many intervention programs out there that claim to be brain based does not even look into the brain. It is like trying to solve a heart problem without doing a chest X-ray or an ECG.

Individualized training programs

Our training programs consist of a combination of different therapies such as neurofeedback, sound therapy and NIR therapy. We are continuously evaluating new technologies to add to our training prorgams for even better outcomes.

Before starting the training program, we do an elaborate brain assessment using QEEG or Brain Mapping. This is a state-of-the-art brain imaging technology that lets us see what is going on inside one’s head and how one uses his/her brain. Brain Mapping is very safe and non-invasive as we only measure the brain waves that the brain sends out. Analysis of these brain waves allows us to understand individual brain conditions and to design a suitable training program with the technologies that we have.

“We actually look inside your brain! This makes us a truly brain based company.”

We are the first to offer Brain Mapping (QEEG). The Brain Mapping allows us to have a peek into how we utilize our brain. We actually look inside your brain! This makes us a truely brain based company.

Mind-Body Intervention

Our body can affect our mind and brain. At Spectrum Learning, we look into bodily factors which can affect brain function such as toxic element exposure, nutritional imbalances and other biochemistry factors. We are the only ones who look into such mind-body factors.

Exposure to toxic elements can affect brain development and function. In the many years of our years of experience, we find that many children and adults in this region are exposed to toxic elements, which can lead to conditions such as ADHD, learning disorders, autistic symptoms, depression and etc. In Singapore, many Chinese children are exposed to mercury due to excess consumption of fish and sea food. We have worked with many children with speech problems with corresponding high mercury exposure. They have been on speech therapy for many years without significant improvements. By reducing the exposure and doing a detoxification, parents always report significant improvements in speech and language.

Nutritional imbalance is often overlooked by many intervention programs. For example, calcium and magnesium deficiencies can lead to restless and impulsive behaviors similar to ADHD. There are many parents who give their children loads of fish oil (or Omega 3). But excessive amounts can make the brain fatigue and lead to mental fog.

At Spectrum Learning, we routinely test for an elaborate range of biological factors. No other intervention program has this component.

Multi-Therapy approach

We have progressed to integrate other therapies into our neurofeedback program. Base on the information from the QEEG, our intervention is a combination of neurofeedback, sound therapy and NIR therapy. During the intervention, we monitor our client’s brain waves continuously to ensure that the intervention is effective. This again sets us apart from other interventions which do not monitor what goes on in the brain.

We also work with practitioners of other discipline such as Chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopaths to find the best solution for our clients.

Mind-Behavioral Intervention

We provide counseling and psychological interventions as well to compliment our brain-body components. We also include the usual behavior management and modification interventions that most other programs focus on.


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder



Asperger’s Syndrome

Pervasive Developmental Disorder


Health/Emotion Related


Migraine headaches


Sleep difficulties

Stress and Anxiety



Down syndrome

Prada-Willi syndrome

Interventions for Mind and Brain Problems

Spectrum Learning provides the most comprehensive brain based and holistic intervention programs in the world. Our intervention programs have help our client’s brain to rewire and improve in function.

Conditions that we have successfully intervened include:

Learning Difficulties

Slow learners

Dyslexia/Reading Difficulties

Dyscalculia/Mathematics Difficulties

Short attention span

And poor focus

Poor spelling and vocabulary

Poor reading and comprehension

IrLen Syndrome

Auditory Processing Difficulties

Visual Processing Difficulties

Poor Memory

General Processing Difficulties

Injury Related

Stroke/Head injury

Poor balance

For conditions not listed above, we can do a thorough assessment and design a specific intervention program.

Our intervention programs are brain based and holistic, taking into account the mind, brain and body. This sets us apart from other intervention programs which does not look at the brain or body but focus only on behavior and symptoms.

We know that the mind/brain is closely associated with the body (mind-body connection). As such there are many bodily factors that can affect our brain function and our minds. The reverse is also true. What goes on in our minds can affect our brain and body.

Looking for Causes, not just symptoms

Many factors can affect how our brain functions. These include lifestyle (such as sleeping habbits), diet, nutrition and other biochemistry factors. We provide a variety of biochemistry tests to assess these factors. These tests compliment the conventional pyschometric and behavioral assessments. With these biochemistry tests, we are investigating the possible causes of the problem instead of just looking at the symptoms.

From these assessments, we recommend lifestyle and dietary changes, and/or taking specific nutritional supplements. These recommendations are individualized based on their test results. This makes our training program truely holistic as it encompasses brain/mind and body.

Our highly trained Neuro-therapist are also coaches. They will provide counseling and advise throughout the training program.


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Finding the Causes

Deficits in mental processes can be due to unusual brain development caused by trauma, exposure to toxins or nutritional imbalances…

There are many toxins that can affect brain development. Children are most susceptible to these toxins as their brains are still developing.