Testing & Assesments at Spectrum Learning

At Spectrum Learning, we recognise that we are individuals with different needs. As such, our intervention programme is tailored to individual needs. This is done through a structured programme, where preliminary tests and assessments are carried out for each client prior to neurofeedback therapy. Our assessments encompass two main areas; Brain and Biological factors.

Brain factors

Spectrum Learning’s central assesment stems from brain mapping. Brain mapping gives insights into the state of one’s brain and how it is utilised. It reveals areas that are over-active or exhausted while engaging in various tasks.

Determining your QEEG profile
At Spectrum Learning, we have discovered that clients who exhibit similar behavioural symptoms relating to the same condition can actually have different qEEG profiles. This means that the brain-related causes of their conditions are different, and points to the existence of different conditional subtypes. Different brain and biological causes call for different intervention approaches. With our client’s qEEG profiles, we can design specific training protocols for each client.

Brain mapping is paired with suitable neurofeedback therapy that targets specific areas of the brain identified.

Biological factors

At Spectrum Learning, we strongly believe that biological factors, characterised by delicate nutritional balances in the body contribute significantly to healthy brain function as well.

Exposure to toxic metals and its correlation to learning and developmental issues have also been documented. Nutritional imbalances and toxic metal exposures are two important aggravating factors that need to be addressed sufficiently so that clients can improve their ability to learn and perform.

Identifying Nutritional Imbalances
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an effective method of assessing our client’s nutritional profile prior to intervention. It can provide important information on any supplements or diet adjustments that should be made.

Spectrum Learning’s therapists also provide a review session with clients with the hair analysis report. We make recommendations for supplements and dietary adjustments that can bring minerals in the body to desired levels. This biological-centered approach complements the brain training programme and is an integral face of Spectrum Learning’s intervention programme.

intervention programme structure