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Poor in Spelling and Reading

Being able to spell words and to be able to read are basic skills needed to do well academically. When a child has difficulty in learning how to spell, their vocabulary will be poor. This will also lead to poor reading and comprehension.

Since the founding of Spectrum Learning, we have worked with many children who have Spelling and Reading difficulties. We have investigated into the causes of this problem using brain mapping  (QEEG) and our elaborate biological tests.

From our experience with Slow Learners and those with Dyslexia (Reading Difficulties), we understand why this is so. From these group of children, we found that they have not learned how to activate the correct parts of their brain when they are learning to spell or when they are reading.


Left and Right diagrams show the QEEG analysis of Dyslexic children when engage in language tasks.

The above two QEEG analysis shows shut downs when children with reading difficulties engage in language tasks. Some of them do not have any biological problems such as exposure to toxic elements. In such a case, it indicates that they have not learned how to activate these shut down sites when needed for language tasks. The good news is that they can be trained in a safe and non-invasive way to learn how to activate their brain while reading or learning spelling. We find that this can improve their reading and learning abilities significantly.

Most of us learn to read intuitively. This is so because we cannot see and feel what our brain is doing or how these literacy skills are activated. Using our brain mapping (QEEG) technology, we have been able to look at what a proficient learning spelling and reading/comprehension task looks like in the brain. With this knowledge, we have developed a new Spelling and Vocabulary building program and a Reading and Comprehension program, using our neurofeedback technology. This is the world’s first brain activated learning program.

How Does it Work?

Sensors are placed on the scalp at sites which are important for reading or spelling.

These continuously measure the brain activities through the brain waves (EEG).

The measured brain waves controls a reading line. When the brain waves indicate that the brain is active, the computer will make the reading line clear so that the words can be seen, so that they can be read.

However, when the brain is not active or shutting down, the reading line will become dark (see diagram below):

When this happens, your child will not be able to read the text. This is a feedback to him that the crucial parts of his brain has shut down, which will affect his ability to comprehend. He will then need to activate the shutdown parts of his brain, so as to make the reading bar clear in order to see the words to read.

Using this method, we are able to train specific parts of the brain to be active when the child is reading. Our research found that this actually helps the child to improve in reading speed and increase comprehension.

With this method, we can teach a child to activate the essential parts of their brain every time they read. With a period of training, this skill will be internalized.

With this method, we can activate the language and memory centers, or language and analytical centers to cater for the different types of materials that they are reading.

We have adapted this technique to help children to activate their memory centers while learning spelling and vocabulary. We are seeing very remarkable results in most of the children with learning difficulties.

Using the above training technique, we find that all our clients learn spelling faster and rapidly build up their vocabulary. For reading, we find that their reading speed increases and comprehension also improve significantly.

Literacy Program for Children preparing to go to Primary School:

Using the above technique, we have developed a literacy program for children who are preparing to go to Primary school in Singapore. The program aims to equip them with at least 500 English words and be able to read age relevant story books when they are in primary school. This program can also help those who are already in primary school but have difficulties in this area.

Nutrition and Neuro-toxins

Our biochemistry tests will identify nutrients that your child will need to sustain a higher level of mental ability. It can also identify if there is any exposure to neuro-toxins which are preventing your child from achieving their full potentials. Neuro-toxins dull the brain and can lead to under-achievements.

Contact us to find out more about our brain activated Reading/Comprehension and Spelling/Vocabulary programs.


Poor Reading & Spelling

Brain Mapping - QEEG

Brain Mapping (QEEG) is a safe and non-invasive brain imaging technique. It measures brain waves (EEG) that the brain sends out from at least 19 locations simultaneously.

Careful analysis of these brains waves (EEG) can reveal information on how one is using his/her brain. It can also tell us the maturity of different parts of the brain. It is often used to investigate if there are any hidden seizures.

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