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Interventions for the Autistic Spectrum Disorder

At Spectrum Learning, we provide a spectrum of interventions for children and adults in the autistic spectrum disorder. Usually, we combine a few interventions into a training program to get the best results. Of course, the first things to do are tests and assessments that we provide. The results from the tests and assessments are used to tailor an individualized training program for your child.

The interventions that we provide for ASD are:


Neurofeedback is one of the core therapies at Spectrum Learning. We are the first in Asia to provide neurofeedback therapy (since 1995).  It is safe and non-invasive intervention. It also does not have any undesirable side effects of medication. Research has shown that neurofeedback is an effective non-drug alternative for ADHD. Research also shows that it is effective for treat children and adult in the autistic spectrum. Many clinical studies showed that it can helps ASD children to improve in:

With neurofeedback, we can train the brain directly in a safe and non-invasive manner. The brain is the command center for our lives. It controls every aspects of our being. It controls our thinking, behavior and emotions. So training the brain to change the way it works can lead to profound changes in how it functions. Brain waves or EEG indicates what is going on inside our head. Changes in EEG will indicate that our brain has rewired its connections and this will change our behavior.

There are many ways that we can exercise the brain using neurofeedback. The QEEG or Brain Mapping will provide valuable information on how to train your child’s brain. However, without a QEEG, we can also design the training protocols for your child based on our years of experience.

With neurofeedback therapy, the most common training is to train those regions of the brain that are too active can calm down, or those regions that are too passive can increase in activities so as to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. We can also train in other ways depending on the presenting condition, such as to train different parts of the brain to work together harmoniously for better function.


For the ASD child who has hidden seizures, neurofeedback is the best non-drug treatment. The QEEG shows the location of the seizure spikes. Another QEEG analysis can determine if there are strong linkages between the seizure spike site and other sites.

For this child, the seizure spikes are in the visual areas and there is a strong link between the visual and language areas. Neurofeedback can be used to reduce or stop the seizure spikes, and reduce the strong linkage between the visual and language sites. For this child, there was a significant improvement in language and speech as a result of the training.

For this child with ASD, his QEEG showed that he is has sensory overload. The QEEG indicated lack of Alpha at all sites. This indicates that there can be a severe food allergy or gastrointestinal problem (such as bacteria overgrowth). This child will be very sensitive to noise and possibly touch. This will stifle his brain development and lead to mental exhaustion.

For this child, using neurofeedback, it will be a two step process to train his brain to recovery and then to reduce sensory overload. This will lead to a reduction in his ASD symptoms.

For this child with ASD, his QEEG showed that he has sensory processing problems. His QEEG indicates excessive Theta at the back of his head over a large region.

For this child, neurofeedback is used to train the sites with excessive Thetas to reduce Theta. Once his Theta reduces to the norm, it will lead to a significant improvements in sensory processing.

There are quite a few types of QEEG profiles for ADHD children who may have similar behavioral symptoms. So a QEEG or Brain Mapping is highly recommended so that we can be more specific in our neurofeedback intervention.

Neurofeedback and Behavioral Modification

The neurofeedback therapy we provide also has a behavioral therapy component. In addition to training the brain to change its brain waves (EEG), we are also applying behavioral modification training for your child to be able to sit still for a longer period of time. This is similar to the OT or behavioral therapy done at other centers.

Research has shown that neurofeedback is as effective as medication for treating ADHD but without the side effects. This can also help children and adults with ASD to improve their mental functioning and behavior.

Neurofeedback and Sound Therapy

We have incorporated sound therapy into our neurofeedback. Like neurofeedback, it is a safe and non-invasive therapy. However, we include the Sound Therapy on a need to basis, to help your child to improve faster.

For children and adults with ASD, Sound Therapy can help them normalize auditory processing and improve in language and communications.

Neurofeedback and NIR Therapy

NIR Therapy is a cutting-edge technology from NASA which we have incorporated into our neurofeedback. Like neurofeedback, it is a safe and non-invasive therapy. However, we include the NIR Therapy on a need to basis, to help your child to improve faster.

Scientists at NASA showed that NIR Therapy can help in wound healing and cellular detoxification. This can help ASD children and adults to detoxify their brain.


The biochemistry part of our intervention ensures that your child’s brain can change with neurofeedback and other therapies. When you put your child through any therapy, the brain must first change so that there can be changes in their behavior and mental abilities. For the brain to be able to change, it must not be exposed to any toxins and will need to have enough of the right nutrients to repair and develop.

Toxins are known to cause neuro-degeneration. So if you child is continuously exposed to toxins, their progress in any therapy will be slow or show no progress at all.

Nutrients are known to be essential for brain repair and development. For example, if you child is deficient in iron, it will slow down brain development. A deficiency in specific proteins can inhibit brain repair and growth.

At Spectrum Learning, our biochemistry assessments will allow you to find out if your child is exposed to any toxins and whether your child has the right nutrients for brain repair and development.

The biochemistry assessment will lead to a recommended regime of nutritional supplements. Many ADHDs are either lacking in  or have excess of specific nutrients that affects brain function. These basic supplements are easily available over the counter, but our tests will let parents know exactly what their child needs.


In the case of this child with severe Autism, his hair analysis (HTMA) shows excessive neuro-toxin Mercury. He will need to detoxify his body so that his brain can recover.

We have successfully helped many children to detoxify since 1995 using natural herbs and supplements. We always see an improvement in behavior and learning whenever the neuro-toxic load reduces.

This child also has Copper/Zinc imbalances. Reducing this imbalance can help his brain to repair and develop quickly. This can be done using Vitamin C, B6 and Zinc.

Over the years, we have helped many to overcome their nutritional imbalances so that their brains can repair and develop. Early intervention is crucial for every child. For adults, the good news is that our brain can still repair and rewire itself. So it is never too late.

From the urine and blood tests, we can find out if there are other neuro-toxins or pathogens in your child’s body. We will recommend herbal and natural supplements to help your child detoxify and recover. We have years of experience in this. But we also work with other practitioners such as naturopaths, chiropractors and other healers to coordinate therapy to help our clients.

Other biological factors will include allergies, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea and etc. Our staff are trained to recommend interventions to address these conditions.

Other intervention methods

Other intervention methods includes:

Studies show that these have limited effect on its own. However, when combined with neurofeedback and biochemistry intervention, the effectiveness is significantly increased.

Caution on Physical Exercise training:

It is our opinion that if a child has exposure to toxins, rigorous physical exercises or brain activation training should be avoided. Our body usually shuts down when exposed to most toxins as a way to protect itself. Rigorous exercise or brain activation training will increase circulation. This may result in more toxins entering the brain. So be sure to test your child before committing to an exercise program.


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