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What can be done to help Auditory Processing Disorder?

Brain based Intervention:

We find that neurofeedback is an excellent tool for Dyslexia/Reading Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorders. So far, we have very high success for this group of disorder. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive way to train the brain directly. Neurofeedback has been shown to be able to help the brain to rewire itself in the proper way, so that it can function better.

Picture on left shows a 5 year old girl doing a brain training using neurofeedback

With neurofeedback, we can target training at sites on the head which shuts down while doing listening or auditory tasks, as indicated by a QEEG brain mapping.

For example:

A) For the child with QEEG profile shown on the left, we should focus training at the left-back of the head (dark blue regions).

B) For the case with QEEG indicated on the left, the training will be done at sites indicated by the arrows.

With the help of the QEEG brain mapping, we can identify specific areas that is the cause of the auditory processing problem. With this approach, we see faster results and higher success in intervention.

We have also developed a brain-based Listening Comprehension program. This program uses neurofeedback techniques to actively involves the brain while listening. This ensures that the language sites are activated while doing listening tasks. Once the EEG profile changes at these sites, there will be significant improvements in the auditory processing abilities.

We find that when the language sites are activated during reading or on a language task, students read faster with improved comprehension as well.

Biological Intervention:

As the brain activates and develops new connections, nutrients are essential to sustain this process.

The role of neuro-toxins are often over looked by many. From the tests that we do, we find that it is a real problem in Singapore and this region. For those with neuro-toxins such as mercury (picture on left), we will recommend a detoxification program. Toxins will slow down or destroy new connections that is required for learning. Exposure to neuro-toxins must be removed.

For those who might have nutritional imbalances, we will recommend an individualized nutrition and dietary plan where appropriate.

The biochemistry tests that we do will indicate the types of nutrients needed and whether there is a need to do a detoxification.

We also take this opportunity to inculcate good eating habits in the children.

Contact us to find out more about our intervention programs for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

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Brain Mapping - QEEG

Brain Mapping (QEEG) is a safe and non-invasive brain imaging technique. It measures brain waves (EEG) that the brain sends out from at least 19 locations simultaneously.

Careful analysis of these brains waves (EEG) can reveal information on how one is using his/her brain. It can also tell us the maturity of different parts of the brain. It is often used to investigate if there are any hidden seizures.

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Finding the Causes

Most clinicians do not bother about the causes as diagnosis is based on behavioral symptoms …   

At Spectrum Learning, we have been investigating the possible causes …

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